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Dwektronix Classic 121981RTV1981TV54
Dwektronix Classic 12 schematic circuit diagram
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Dwektronix Galaxy 171981RTV1981TV54
Dwektronix Galaxy 17 schematic circuit diagram
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Tectronix 067 0502-FileTectronix-067 0502
RadiopdfTectronix 067 0502 schematic circuit diagram
Tectronix 067 0521-FileTectronix-067 0521FilepdfTectronix 067 0521 schematic circuit diagram
Tectronix 104A1952FileTectronix-104A-1952
OscillatorpdfTectronix 104A schematic circuit diagram
Tectronix 160A-FileTectronix-160A.Oscilloscope
OscillatorpdfTectronix 160A schematic circuit diagram
Tectronix 190A1957FileTectronix-190A-1957
pdfTectronix 190A schematic circuit diagram
Tectronix 1A1-FileTectronix-1A1.OscilloscopeOscillatorpdfTectronix 1A1 schematic circuit diagram
Tectronix 1A2-FileTectronix-1A2.Oscilloscope
Input amp
AmplifierpdfTectronix 1A2 schematic circuit diagram
Tectronix 1A4-FileTectronix-1A4.OscilloscopeOscillatorpdfTectronix 1A4 schematic circuit diagram
Tectronix 3101962FileTectronix-310-1962
OscillatorpdfTectronix 310 schematic circuit diagram
Tectronix 3151954FileTectronix-315-1954
OscillatorpdfTectronix 315 schematic circuit diagram
Tectronix 3601958FileTectronix-360-1958
OscillatorpdfTectronix 360 schematic circuit diagram
Tectronix 3A1-FileTectronix-3A1.OscilloscopeOscillatorpdfTectronix 3A1 schematic circuit diagram
Tectronix 3A2-FileTectronix-3A2.OscilloscopeOscillatorpdfTectronix 3A2 schematic circuit diagram
Tectronix 3A6-FileTectronix-3A6.OscilloscopeOscillatorpdfTectronix 3A6 schematic circuit diagram
Tectronix 3A721963FileTectronix-3A72-1963
.Oscilloscope Trace
AmplifierpdfTectronix 3A72 schematic circuit diagram
Tectronix 3A74-FileTectronix-3A74.OscilloscopeOscillatorpdfTectronix 3A74 schematic circuit diagram
Tectronix 4851976FileTectronix-485-1976
OscillatorpdfTectronix 485 schematic circuit diagram
Tectronix 5031960FileTectronix-503-1960
OscillatorpdfTectronix 503 schematic circuit diagram
Tectronix 511AD1953FileTectronix-511AD
OscillatorpdfTectronix 511AD schematic circuit diagram
Tectronix 5121953FileTectronix-512-1953
OscillatorpdfTectronix 512 schematic circuit diagram
Tectronix 5131953FileTectronix-513-1953
OscillatorpdfTectronix 513 schematic circuit diagram
Tectronix 514AD1954FileTectronix-514AD
OscillatorpdfTectronix 514AD schematic circuit diagram
Tectronix 517A1955FileTectronix-517A-1955
OscillatorpdfTectronix 517A schematic circuit diagram
Tektronix 175-FileTektronix-575_175
_Transistor Curve
Tracer Manual
FilepdfTektronix 175 schematic circuit diagram
Tektronix 2215A1983FileTektronix-2215A
OscillatorpdfTektronix 2215A schematic circuit diagram
Tektronix 5191961FileTektronix-519-1961
OscillatorpdfTektronix 519 schematic circuit diagram
Tektronix 5361959FileTektronix-536-1959
OscillatorpdfTektronix 536 schematic circuit diagram
Tektronix 556-FileTektronix-556.OscilloscopeOscillatorpdfTektronix 556 schematic circuit diagram
Tektronix 561A-FileTektronix-561A.OscilloscopeOscillatorpdfTektronix 561A schematic circuit diagram
Tektronix 575-FileTektronix-575_175
_Transistor Curve
Tracer Manual
FilepdfTektronix 575 schematic circuit diagram
Tektronix CA1959FileTektronix-Type CA
PreAmppdfTektronix CA schematic circuit diagram
Tektronix K1959FileTektronix-Type K
PreAmppdfTektronix K schematic circuit diagram
Tektronix L1959FileTektronix-Type L
PreAmppdfTektronix L schematic circuit diagram
Tektronix Transistor Curve Tracer Manual-FileTektronix-575_175
_Transistor Curve
Tracer Manual
FilepdfTektronix Transistor Curve Tracer Manual schematic circuit diagram
Tektronix Type CA1959FileTektronix-Type CA
PreAmppdfTektronix Type CA schematic circuit diagram
Tektronix Type K1959FileTektronix-Type K
PreAmppdfTektronix Type K schematic circuit diagram
Tektronix Type L1959FileTektronix-Type L
PreAmppdfTektronix Type L schematic circuit diagram
Tektronix Type T-FileTektronix-Type T
.Oscilloscope Plugin
OscillatorpdfTektronix Type T schematic circuit diagram
Tektronix Waveform Monitor 14801977FileTektronix-Waveform
Monitor 1480-1977
FilepdfTektronix Waveform Monitor 1480 schematic circuit diagram

These radio, TV, record player, amplifier, amp and tape or cassette recorder schematics, circuit diagrams and service manuals are mostly high quality, very readable scans and will usually be Emailed within an hour or two, if I need to scan an item, or it's the middle of the night, here in the UK it is 10:16 it may take a little longer! If more than one schematic is listed for a model I will generally send them all, unless too big to attach!
Specialising in British schematics Roberts, Hacker, Bush, Pye etc. also American and German manuals feature strongly, search for what you need. Multi page manuals are Emailed as pdfs. Please Email or phone 0788 4425213 Thanks for looking, Mike.
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Book Set KEY Years
J.F. Rider's Perpetual Rider 1920-54
Trader Service sheets Trader 1933-81
Beitman's Radio Diags Beitman 1926-69
Beitman's TV Diagrams Beitman 1947-70
Gernsback Radio Diags. Gernsback 1922-34
Empfanger Schaltungen ES 1928-57
RCA Service Notes RCASN 1923-52
Broadcaster Supplements Broadcaster 1934-42
Radio and TV 36 vol set RTV 1945-86
Radio and TV 5 vol set RTV5 1945-54
Crosley Service Suppls. Crosley 1929-42
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