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14 Audar models listed, I usually send them all !

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Audar AV7T1952SM166Radio6Audar AV7T schematic circuit diagram
Audar MAS4Bingo Amp1947SM26Radio6Audar MAS4Bingo Amp schematic circuit diagram
Audar P1A1946SM5Radio10Audar P1A schematic circuit diagram
Audar P4A1947SM19Radio3Audar P4A schematic circuit diagram
Audar P51946SM5Radio11Audar P5 schematic circuit diagram
Audar P71948SM44Radio3Audar P7 schematic circuit diagram
Audar PR61947SM13Radio10Audar PR6 schematic circuit diagram
Audar PR61949Rider19AudarInc1Audar PR6 schematic circuit diagram
Audar PR6A1947SM19Radio4Audar PR6A schematic circuit diagram
Audar RE8A1947SM25Radio8Audar RE8A schematic circuit diagram
Audar Telvar BM251949SM62Radio5Audar Telvar BM25 schematic circuit diagram
Audar Telvar FMC121948SM35Radio2Audar Telvar FMC12 schematic circuit diagram
Audar Telvar RER91949SM65Radio2Audar Telvar RER9 schematic circuit diagram
Audar WC7T1952SM166Radio6Audar WC7T schematic circuit diagram

These radio, TV, record player, amplifier, amp and tape or cassette recorder schematics, circuit diagrams and service manuals are mostly high quality, very readable scans and will usually be Emailed within an hour or two, if I need to scan an item, or it's the middle of the night, here in the UK it is 22:10 it may take a little longer! If more than one schematic is listed for a model I will generally send them all, unless too big to attach!
Specialising in British schematics Roberts, Hacker, Bush, Pye etc. also American and German manuals feature strongly, search for what you need. Multi page manuals are Emailed as pdfs. Please Email or phone 0788 4425213 Thanks for looking, Mike.
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Book Set KEY Years
J.F. Rider's Perpetual Rider 1920-54
Trader Service sheets Trader 1933-81
Beitman's Radio Diags Beitman 1926-69
Beitman's TV Diagrams Beitman 1947-70
Gernsback Radio Diags. Gernsback 1922-34
Empfanger Schaltungen ES 1928-57
RCA Service Notes RCASN 1923-52
Broadcaster Supplements Broadcaster 1934-42
Radio and TV 36 vol set RTV 1945-86
Radio and TV 5 vol set RTV5 1945-54
Crosley Service Suppls. Crosley 1929-42
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