Resistors for Valve and
vintage transistor radio repairs

Resistor colour codes

Resistor sizes
These vintage components may be soiled but are unused and will have full length leads. Newer components have been selected for their timeless looks and would be suitable for the repair of vintage electronics, old valve radios, record players and the like. The images are for guidance only and may not be representative of the value ordered. If photographed on graph paper, this is 1cm/square for dimensions. Click on an image for an expanded view. The components will be posted out the same day or day after payment is made. Small orders I will send at letter rate (Stamp + padded envelope, say, £1.00 in the UK) Any over payment for postage will be refunded via Paypal. All items will be supplied well wrapped for protection.
Resistors below sorted in resistance value order (low to high) :-