Virtual Instrument Desktop

VID Revision History


  1. Initial Release
  2. Fix Thread Handle Leak, add option to remove charting support
  3. Remove need for temp. files for web graphics, cache dynamic graphic images
  4. Improved scrolling, Add optional toolbar & functions, improved graphics cache
  5. Disable MainForm Close Border Icon
  6. Fix problems with local help file and screen dump on release build
  7. major rejig of charting amd char logs
  8. Bug fixes, simplify FSD handling, power monitoring demo
  9. More work on logging and chart comparisons
  10. More logging work, create "Lite" build option
  11. More logging work, bugfix to local events
  12. Save registration details across VID re-installations/upgrades
  13. Improved HTTP comms resilience
  14. Several minor bug fixes
  15. Fix for Netcommander time Synchronisation bug, Added local USB Webcam support
  16. Bugfixes to Graph function
  17. Added Webserver for remote viewing, more Netcommander comms resillience
  18. Modbus Node support (and Camtec Wirless UMONS), tidy some dialogues
  19. Modbus Node support, Event handler bug fixes
  20. Alarm Handler, Alarm Storm fix
  21. Add Tariff tool
  22. Add digital/voltage checkbox to Event cause and instrument properties; Remove Wizard
  23. Netcommander Comms resilliance work
  24. Tab-less version
  25. Logger Zoom facility, Tariff calculator chart plot selection added
  26. Pulse to gas consumption script added, bugfix to Netcommander state variable handling
  27. Add Background Image handling, Add/fix Graph & Chart zooming
  28. Fix Modal forms bug
  29. Work on NetCommander config export and import.
  30. Add Transparent text label "Instrument"
  31. Improved font support
  32. Improvements to power monitoring scripts and associated topics, tariff handling etc.
  33. Bug Fixes to power scripts, bug fixes to script parser, log annotater and logger tool
  34. Improved control output handling, extra instrument property options
  35. High resolution chart log override function, Excel export of full logs option
  36. Added Alarm functionality to binary indicators, changes to log annotation
  37. Changes to file open, and raw data viewers, improve exception handling
  38. Improved network/flash drive handling, non-volatile script variables, Flashing LEDs and LED Alerts
  39. Fixes to non-volatile script variables, page duplication feature, single log folder
  40. Fixes to (inverted) flashing LEDs and to Config. file speed loader
  41. More bug fixes, improved config load/save times support for Huge configs (600+ monitoring Nodes), Vi Nudge
  42. Bug fixes to cascaded forms
  43. Impliment control schedules
  44. Impliment Pinger instrument, auto back-ups of configs
  45. Some bugfixes to Graphs
  46. Changes for Server/client version
  47. Tidy Up Client/Server, bug fix to hanging on exit, fix to events action email form
  48. Changes to controls (knobs and switches) handling to avoid interference of the same control spec. on different pages
    Add a test to detect two controls with the same spec on the SAME page.
    TX Command queue, squeeze out similar commands in the queue cause by turning a control knob to reduce settling time (and traffic)
    SplitCaption() fix bug with split caption lists containg spaces.
    WebSerer Limit Server->Client Logsize to 100kb (speeds loading + prevents bad truncation)
    Changes in property form handling of scaling on port type and "volts checked" changes
    Cloning: Change to pop-up properties form AFTER instrument cloned not before
    Webserver security: do not allow ".." in file paths
    prevent IP address overwriting IP host name in Client config form and Netcommander config
    Allow deletion of COM node from NC dialogue form and vice versa
    Disable Proxy dialogue boxes when ICMP ping selected
    Add "restart script" to Vi right-click menu
    Fix bugs in GetRelativePath()
    Change login priviledge handling ... now understandable
    Fixes to the upload and download of Netcommander confifgs and manipualtion in nextcommander events form
    Add Web proxy user/password for basic authentication
    Add Crestron
    Bug fix to intrument properties raw sacled value when "volts" checkbox checked
  49. Add support for compressed (Zipped) log files
    Allow manual entry of of consumption data into tarrif calculation form
    Some bug fixes to tariff calculation handling
    Some bug fixes to (web based) remote access handling
    Some changes to Crestron handling, allow scripts to send "Knob" values to pre-set controller
  50. Fix to "check for updates" mechanism
    Fix to webserver temporary file creation
    Some Fixes to chart date handling
    Reduce data stoired in registry to make portable
  51. Fix to Annotations of zipped log files
    Tidy some forms
    Added Clear button to view messages form
    Fix to "delete SMSC" action on Basic Config form
    Add 400 and 1000 Amp 3 phase power monitoring scripts
    Fix to revision handling (of Revisions ending in zero eg 1.130)
  52. re-work of login handling system
    Fix to log annotation log selection
    Fix to Vi scaling with Negative scaled Min value
    Increase size of Vi Properties form Raw value edit boxes to allow full 32 bit numbers
    Fix to SMS service list maintenance handler
    Add DeepSea GenSet controller scripts and configs
  53. Add needle jiggle to ensure re-drawing of meter needles
    Fix fault in handling of negative integers in script parser
    Fix graph start up problem when data is zero
    Fix scaling problem in Event causes
    Changes for large Modbus devices (eg. DeepSea generator controller)
    removed UMON support
    Fixed scrolled click bug
  54. Fix config file loss of read sync problem
    Fix Vi coordinate corruption, when scroll bars non-homed on save of config file
    Do not keep log-files open, otherwise possible exhaustion of windows file handle resources
  55. Enable Scroll bars on forms if smaller than screen size (applicable to 800x600) and smaller
    Add more power scripts for phase combination
  56. Fix to chart logging mechanism, for possible lock-up
  57. Re-jig logger chart axis, caption etc. on selecting new log file
    Add logger chart histogram function
    call DefWindowProc() for unhanled windows messages, cures orphaned systray icon
    Simpified logger navigation
    change HTTP driver to TCP + HTTP module to allow future addition of Modbus/TCP
    changes to tracking of valid port variables
    Include DelZip179.dll in setup file
    Changes to the page duplication mechanism
    Changes to the Instrument nudge mechanism
    Changes to default background image handling
    Timeout message boxes
    Bugfix to Modbus digital handling
    Add FormClose() event to Tariff dialogue
  58. Bug fixed which could cause loss of Netcommander configs
    Increase field width of Netcommander name to 64 characters
    Fix to node number in netcommander deletion confirmation message box
  59. Bug fix to Client/Server
  60. Logger tool: replace dropdwn list with file search dialogue
    Logger tool: increase size of log filename boxes
    Logger tool: change chart title with changing log file
    Logger tool: allow direct edit of filename in edit box
    Logger tool: change chart time navigation, now can drag left and right with mouse
    Logger tool: change chart Zoom navigation, now can drag up and down with mouse
    prevent multiple instances of VID to run on same machine (or virtual machine)
    Add extra scripts for accumulating rack power consumptions (for sever halls)
    Add drop down list of configured users to login form
    Alow more flexibility in destination for page cloning
    Option to select base line or current value flat line on charts on loss of comms to nodes
    Option to NOT pre-populate charts from stred logs on startup (can overload virtuial machines)
    Improvements to Modbus handling
    Add dropdown list to instrument properties to pre-select scaling values from files.
    Fix to PushButton and BitButton text colours
    Add "SysCommand()" call to the control scripting language to invoke external DOS Batch (.BAT) files
    Suppress system errors while editing CspinEdit boxes, with non-numeric input
  61. Fix bug in Instrument properties, live data port numbering
    Add multilevel backups for .vid files (timestamped) see options menu
    Space loss bug fix in screen grabber
    Add "ExcludeCycle" checkbox to page dialogue
  62. Add Integrator to logger tool
    Restore live date when unchecking "spoof" on properties form
    Some tweaks to config summary sheet
    Bug which prevented deletion of log file reference from a chart on properties form
    Change to avoid log time changing to daylight saveing time
    Fixes to client-Server mechanism
  63. Upgraded to Abakus 3.7 VI package
    Changes to make use of the TWinHTTP component
    remove proxy and port settings, proxy now uses Windows Internet settings
    port numbers in URLs now use the : seperator
    Small memory leak fixed, command token queue
    Fix to Daylight saving time log times
    Add "StandardTime" checkbox to System Log area of basic config form
    Check for valid file extension in system log path
    Changes to About box and program registration prior to CNET publishing
    More thorough checking of Vi scale factors to prevent maths exceptions
    Changes to tick rate drift compensation
  64. Add Modbus TCP support
    reorganise Node configuration screens
    Some fixes to Modbus port usage mapping, and discrete incoming message handling
    More configuration options on Netcommander config form
    Fix potential failure around modal form closing (Event action forms)
    Fix Email test Form, Add "default From address" to SMTP config on System Config form
  65. Fixes to zipped log file handling in logger
    Fix to Modbus binary register handling
    Changes to LED colour selection now uses sector colours ... allows tri-colour LED
    Add instrument property to extend current sector colour to background of instrument
    Add Sector alarm mechanism.
    Add [option] menu item allow page change on alarm feature
    Remove Instrument Properties 4-20mA loop calculation helper
    Remove Instrument Properties Advanced/Basic check box
    Fix bug concerning cross-talk with multiply concurrent pingers
  66. Add Com port list button to forms configuring COM ports
    change node data storage scheme, more efficient for large ModbUs configs
    Fix bug concerning password length when adding new user
    Add sorting of users alphabetically in drop down list
    Increase number of monitoring nodes to 100 (unlimited monitoring points)
    Increase number of screens to 100 & increase depth of page select dropdown to 30
  67. Throw error box if invalid parser/Glyph file entered into instrument properties
    Faster page swap and reduce "value update ripple through"
    Add sectors to Graph
    Calculate instrument scan time and add function for script parser to recover it
    Fixes to instrument alarm handing on sector change
    Fix bugs to do with saveing and restoreing script non-volatile variables
    Stop setup script passing non-volatile store from dev. build to user installation
  68. Some changes to default colours on Vi creation
    Some bug fixes to script parser
    Change Parser to handle two dimensional arrays[x][y];
    Higher resolution elapsed time function, used in ping timer etc.
    Add Target screen size mechanism to System config
    Double number of VidVars t0 10,000
    Move NVS folder (non volatile script variables) to VID root, to prevent deletion by uninstaller
    Change email module to the Indy VCL (allows authentication) corresponding change to system config form.
    Add internal states to VidVars 10,000+ Examples config.
  69. allow enginering notation in script numbers eg 1.2345678E+5 == 123,456.78
    follow frameset indirection to VID download page for auto checking for newer version
    fixes to instrument alarms
    new differential script added
  70. Tidy up Raw Data view
    Remove Crestron Protocol (build option)
    Allow control action to be selectively logged to reduce log clutter
    Allow Page Change to be selectively logged to reduce log clutter
    Fix EditBox control
    Allow background colour of labels to be changed
  71. Fix floating point input in Edit boxes
    Fix edit box black background bug
  72. remove setfocus() when accessing by remote web-viewer, up to operator to leave VID on top of desktop
    uprade to Abakus v3.90 (build 5) VI package, previously 3.60
    remove MainsAmps and add Operating Point
    fix bug reading sector ranges from configuration file
    fix bug that dissallowed fractional scale ranges on graphs
  73. Add StartUp script handling
    Add pointer types to script handling
    Bugfix in push button control script/image file validation in instrument properties form
    Ensure Scriptor Close button is enabled when script halted (border close icon disabled always)
    Add get_vi_screen() and get_instruments() functions to parser
    add get_vi_box(), get_vi_port(), get_vi_port_type() to Parser as well as port type value defs
    ANALOGUE_IN etc.
    add get_vi_caption(char *), get_vi_units(char *), get_vi_remark(char *) to Parse
    Bugfix to explicit +ve number handling in parser eg num = +123;
    Add bitmap cacheing to picture loading function (TPIC_Load().
    Add functionality of a selection box for moving instruments
    All WebWin instrument to display full web pages not just web images
    Create summary html files in the VID temporary folder rather than config folder.
    Suppress Mbox exception pop-ups during VID shutdown
    Add Spoof Jitter to instruments
    faster Node loading (at the expense of slightly larger Node configs)
    new non volatile storage file, file name
    Add release notes access from "about box"
    update modbus simulator to V8.20
    Add horizontal and vertical flexmeters
    update the exampes.vid configuration file to make use of new features
  74. bug fix to parser pre-processor incorrect handling of "//" when in quoted string
    Arrange for bevel (if enabled) of static and dynamic graphics to track sector colour
    Open release notes in browser rather than notepad.exe
    Use inline open source code for zip/unzip ditch zipmaster DLL and VCL
    Faster ModBus messaging
    Simplify message viewer and time stamp to nearest mS
    Bug Fix to instrument group selection
    Fix COM port restart after virtual USB COM unplug/plug in
  75. Throw MessageBox on completion of Netcommander config upload/download
    Change to parser log format, put a comma between date and time in time stamp for .csv compatibility
  76. Remove control schedules, this can now be achieved using scripts
    Reduce syslog entries on persistantly failing node
    Bugfix to do with low sector alarms
    Bugfix to do with blank startup script specified
  77. Improvements to web server
    Add "Page Configuration" to main edit menu
    Add "VID ini File" to view menu
    Bugfix to "VID Configuration File" to main edit menu (now opens in notepad)
    Bugfix to parser when pre-processing floating numbers
    report localtime rather than standard time to parser get_time() and get_date() calls
  78. Upgraded to Abakus VCL V3.90 Build 49 (Previously V3.90 Build 5)
    Work on robustifying config serializer
    call the Windows message dispatcher periodically during large serilize operations
    Store "two state alarm" and "high alarm" in config conversion records
    Add missing flags to end of Netcommander set_conversion message
    work on operating point instrument, especially tail decay
    Add support for Velleman K8055 USB interface card
  79. Improved accuracy of performance timer
    Fix bug that could cause days early in the year to appear in week 52 of the previous years log!
    Do not do a "First Time" Netcommander config grab.
    Remove Netcommander "Get Config on Startup" option.
    Clear Node dialogue form on delete Node and Box change, incase newly selected node does not exist.
  80. Work on WinHTTP resilience, and selectable number of max concurrent connections
    Faster loading of large configs
    Changes to instrument properties, allow setting of needle shape and colour
    Changes to instrument properties, allow setting of sector width and offset
    Add Menu DropDown instrument
    Add debug log
    Add virtual Netcommander support
  81. Allow multiple SMS destinations
    More Work on WinHTTP resilience
    some bug fixes to alarm handling
    Add alarm re-arm timer display to instrument properties
  82. Add debug logging checkbox to View Data form.
    Add OpenDir button to system config to open log folder in Windows Explorer
    Add webservice email option
    Upgrade Abakus Virtual Instrumentation VCL to 4.90
    Simplify software structure to make adding new monitoring node types more straightforward.
    Include Crestron code.
  83. Add editable version of dropdown box with historical memory of usage
    Fix focus problem on dropdown box
    Add string handling routines strcmp() and strcpy() to the script parser
    Allow concatenated strings in script parser "string1"" string2" == "string1 string2"
    Allow two alarmable sectors, most usefully Low AND High
    Option for touch screen operation increases size of tool bar
  84. Extend Raw data viewer to allow configuration and display of port names
    Add port names to chart excel spreadsheet and log outputs headers
    Add browse for folder button for log folder
  85. Fixes to Modbus/TCP
    Strip commas from portnames in charts so as not to corrupt csv files
    Remove Modbus Rsim from setup
  86. Fixes to RS485 multidrop Modbus ASCII and ModBus RTU
    Use Tail.exe to display real time log files
    Fix Comms window viewer, where the green/red colour is lost after a while
    Write log files direct to disk without bufferring (assume no longer required to log to floppy disk!)
    Automatically recover outdated and unused ModBus data blocks
  87. Fix to fault in Modbus TCP introduced in release 1.165
  88. Add Full duplex working for ModBus RTU/ASCII over RS.485
  89. Improved bezel drawing around graphic instruments
    Corrected value assignement in script parser for NON floating variables.
    Fixed Label black background problem
    Added instrument group resize and alignment feature to "Nudge" dialogue.
    Added Time formats to TextLabels
    Added set_instrument_caption() function to script parser
  90. Some tweeks to remote desktop webserver, "view only" option
    Tidy display of users "remaining time before logoff" display
    Add alignment options for selections of instruments
  91. Removed Tariff tool.
    Removed "Virtual Netcomander" option from production build
  92. improved instrument scaling, prevent different inter scale digit ranges.
  93. Add new Parser functions stricmp(), get_InputPortName(), get_SwitchPortName()
    get_BinaryPortName(), get_OutputPortName()
    Add Disable Alarms to options menu
    Use "Not Scale Limited" instrument values when sending instrument data to script parser
    Changes for Windows 10 touch screen (touch mouse) operation
    Fix for analogue output alarms not resetting output when alarm ceases