Starting VID when Computer Starts, Task Scheduler

Start the Windows Task Scheduler, by typing "Sched" (no quotes) into the the command box, click on "task Scheduler"

Click the "Create Basic Task" option in the right hand pane.
Fill in the boxes as left, adding your own description if you like ...
Click "Next"

Check the "When Computer Starts" option
Click "Next"

Check the "Start a Program" Option
Click "Next"

Select the path to the VID.exe program, usually
C:\Program Files\VID\VID.exe
depending on where you installed VID.

On Windows 10 you may need to run VID as Administrator to allow writing to Log files etc.
Also run in Windows 7 Compatibility mode to be sure.
Click OK.

Provide the Loin details fore the Admin. user account (if selected in previous step)
Click OK
and click OK again if required to close the Task Scheduler dialogue

Job Done :-)