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These radio, TV, record player and tape or cassette recorder schematics,circuit diagrams and service manuals are mostly high quality, very readable scans and will usually be Emailed within an hour or two, if I need to scan an item, or it's the middle of the night here (it is 13:24 in the UK) it may take a little longer!
Multi page manuals are Emailed as pdfs. Please Email if you have any queries, or you require any vintage parts for your repair I'll let you know what I have! Thanks for looking, Mike.

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Start with "Make" only, and then narrow down by specifying a "Model" if there are many results. Alternatively leave "Make" blank and search for model name. More explanation here. Searches
  J.F. Rider's (1920-1954),
  Trader Service sheets (1933-1969),
  M.N. Beitman Radio Diagrams (1926-69),
  Radio and TV Servicing, RTV (1945-86),
  Gernsback "Official Radio" (1922-34),
  Crosley Service Supplements (1929-42),
  Broadcaster Supplements,
  Pre-scanned schematics collection.
The search logic is slightly "fuzzy" in that it's case insensitive and ignores punctuation so, model TR-510 is the same as tr510, and G.E.C is the same as "gec".
Riders and Beitman manuals available for £6, search for Rider or Beitman.

(169787 models* by 1588 different manufacturers indexed!)
Updated 15th. Sep 2019

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Alesis HR16B-FileAlesis-HR16_HR16B
FilepdfAlesis HR16B schematic circuit diagram download
Alesis HR16-FileAlesis-HR16_HR16B
FilepdfAlesis HR16 schematic circuit diagram download
Alesis Microverb 4 11995FileAlesis-Microverb 4 1
FilepdfAlesis Microverb 4 1 schematic circuit diagram download
Alesis Midiverb 3 1-FileAlesis-Midiverb 3 1FilepdfAlesis Midiverb 3 1 schematic circuit diagram download
Alesis QuadraVerb GT1995FileAlesis-QuadraVerb GT
FilepdfAlesis QuadraVerb GT schematic circuit diagram download
Alesis QuadraverbPlus1994FileAlesis-QuadraverbPlus
FilepdfAlesis QuadraverbPlus schematic circuit diagram download
Alesis Quadraverb Q21995FileAlesis-Quadraverb Q2
FilepdfAlesis Quadraverb Q2 schematic circuit diagram download

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