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The Search Page allows you to search for schematics and service manuals
in the following publications:-
Specify the make and model if you know it, alternatively start with "Make" only,
and then narrow down by specifying a "Model" if there are many results, or
leave "Make" blank and search for model if you are uncertain of manufacturer.
If you are looking for a military set where the manufacturer is uncertain
or multi-sourced try using "military" as the make.
You can use this as a free index lookup if you have the books! Or buy using the
link provided in the results. If there is more than one schematic available
for a particular model, I usually send all, there is no need to order all of them.
The search logic is slightly "fuzzy" in that it's case insensitive and ignores punctuation
so, model TR-510 is the same as tr510, and G.E.C is the same as "gec".
If you need a hard copy printed E-mail for prices.
Volumes of Riders and Beitman manuals available just search for Rider or Beitman.
Please check the the email address associated with your PayPal account is correct,
or email me seperately after ordering. I will put a note on the website if I am away
for more than half a day or cannot scan or send schematics for some reason,
otherwise email me if you have not heard from me within a day of ordering.

If an image of a book bearing the words "To Scan" appears in the search results,
To Scan image
that indicates the item requires scanning from the Radio and Television Servicing books "RTV"
I can only do this if I am at home, and it may take a little longer than usual,
I will put a notice on the website if I'm going to be away for more than half a day.

A '*' after a page number indicates this is a cross reference to a previous volume
in which case I will send the cross ref. information AND the schematic from the previous volume.
which will probably be a different manufacturer producing the same set under licence or re-branded.
If "Cross Reference" appears in the search result, search again for the alternate manufacturer/model
listed, by clicking on its link (example below)
Cross reference image

A '!' after a page number indicates this is suplimentary to information given in a previous
volume, I will send the earlier information AND the suplimentary information.