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Swan 600T Specification spec data sheet

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ManufacturerSwan Electronics, Oceanside, CA
ModelTransmitter 600-T - Swan Electronics, Oceanside,
YearAmateur Transmitter (only)
Valves9: 12BZ6 12BE6 12BA6 6JH8 12AX7 6GK6 6FG6 6KD6 6KD6
Wave BandsShort Wave (SW only)
Power TypeAC / 117 Volt
Dimensions15 x 6.5 x 12 inch / 381 x 165 x 305 mm
Net Weight35 lb (35 lb 0 oz) / 15.890 kg
Initial Price495.00 USD
SourceMyFile: Swan-600T.Transceiver.pdf

12BA6Pentode1946B7GCV1928 HF93
12AX7Double Triode1947B9A12DT7 6057 6L13 B339 CV492 E2162 ECC83
6FG6Tuning IndicatorEM84
6KD6Beam Tetrode1967B12C
6KD6Beam Tetrode1967B12C