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Steelman 4AR11 Specification spec data sheet

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ManufacturerSteelman Phono & Radio Co.; Mount Vernon (NY)
ModelModel 4AR11 - Steelman Phono & Radio Co.;
Year: 1959Category: Broadcast Receiver
Valves11: 6AQ8 6AQ8 6BE6 6BA6 6AU6 6AU6 6AL5 12AX7 6BQ5 6BQ6 6CA4
TechnologySuperhet with RF-stage; IF 455/10700 kHz
Wave BandsBroadcast (BC) and FM or UHF.
DetailsChanger (Record changer)
Power typeAC / 110 - 120 Volt
SourceMyFile: steelman-4ar8_4ar11-1959.radiogram.cct Page: gif
SourceMyFile: steelman-4ar8_4ar11(sams-s0432f13)-1959.radiogram Page: djvu

6AQ8Double Triode1954B9A6L12 B719 ECC85
6AQ8Double Triode1954B9A6L12 B719 ECC85
6BE6Heptode1950B7G5750 CV453 EK90 HM04 X727 X77
6BA6Pentode1950B7G5749 CV454 EF93 PM04 W727
6AU6Pentode1946B7G6AU6A 6AU6WA 6AU6WB 6AU6WC 6J4P 6P2 CV2524 EF94
6AU6Pentode1946B7G6AU6A 6AU6WA 6AU6WB 6AU6WC 6J4P 6P2 CV2524 EF94
6AL5Double Diode1945B7G6058 6D2 CV140 CV283 D152 D77 DD6 EAA91 EB91
12AX7Double Triode1947B9A12DT7 6057 6L13 B339 CV492 E2162 ECC83
6BQ5Pentode1953B9A6P15 CV2975 EL84 N709
6CA4FW Rectifier1957EZ81 UU12