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Revere TS-300 Specification spec data sheet

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ManufacturerRevere Camera Co.; Chicago (IL)
ModelTS300 [tube 6J7] - Revere Camera Co.; Chicago IL
Year: 1951Sound/Video Recorder and/or Player
Valves6: 6J7 6J7 6SJ7 6K6GT 6V6GT 6X5GT
DetailsTape Recorder
Power TypeAlternating Current supply (AC) / 110 Volt
SourceBook: Rider Vol: 22 Page: 1

6J7Pentode1936IOCV1936 VT91
6J7Pentode1936IOCV1936 VT91
6SJ7Pentode1938IO6SJ7Y CV591 VT116
6V6GTBeam Tetrode1937IOCV511 VT107A
6X5GTFW Rectifier1936IO6X5GTG CV574 VT126B