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Pennine E54 Specification spec data sheet

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CountryGreat Britain (UK)
ManufacturerPennine Amplifiers; Yorkshire
ModelRanger E 54/3 - Pennine Amplifiers; Yorkshire
YearBroadcast Receiver
Valves5: ECH35 EF39 EBC33 EL33 AZ31
TechnologyIF 450 kHz
Wave BandsBroadcast, Long Wave and Short Wave.
Power TypeAlternating Current supply (AC) / 200-250 Volt
SourceMyFile: Pennine-E54.pdf
SourceMyFile: Pennine-E54.3.pdf

ECH35Triode Hexode1940IOARTH2 BVA276 CV1347 CV1944 OM10 X147 X61M X65
EF39Pentode1939IOARP31 ARP34 BVA246 CV1053 CV1464 CV5110 OM6 VR53 W147
EBC33Double Diode Triode1938IO6R7G AR21 CV1055 DH147 NR48 OM4 VR55
EL33Pentode1938IO6AG6G 6M6G BVA266 CV2938 KT61 N147 PP6BG
AZ31FW Rectifier1938IOCV2862 U143