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CountryUnited States of America (USA)
ManufacturerPhilco, Philadelphia Stg. Batt. Co.; USA
ModelModel AR-75 - Philco, Philadelphia Stg. Batt
Year: 1941Category: Car Radio, perhaps also + sound player/recorder
Valves8: 7A7 7B8 7A7 7B6 7A4 7C5 7C5 7Y4
TechnologySuperhet with RF-stage; IF 455 kHz
Wave BandsBroadcast only (MW).
Power typeStorage Battery for all (e.g. for car radios and amateur radios)

7B6PentodeB8BCV882 DH81 DL82
7C5Pentode1939B8BCV885 KT81 N148
7C5Pentode1939B8BCV885 KT81 N148
7Y4FW Rectifier1938B8BCV901 U149 U82