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1/10/2020 19:35
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CountryUnited States of America (USA)
ManufacturerZenith Radio Corp.; Chicago, IL
Alternative Name Chicago Radio Lab
ModelModel 8S463 8-S-463 Chassis 5808 - Zenith Radio Corp.; Chicago,
Year: 1940Category: Broadcast Receiver
Valves8: 1232 6A8G 6K7G 6J5G 6U5 6F5G 6F6G 6X5G
Technology Superhet with RF-stage; IF 455 kHz
Wave BandsBroadcast, Short Wave(s) and Police.
Power typeAC / 115 Volt
Dimensions28.1 x 41 x 15.4 inch / 714 x 1041 x 391 mm
Initial Price70.00 $

1232PentodeCV894 7G7
6A8GHeptode1937IOCV578 X63
6K7GPentode1936IOCV1941 KTW63 NR81 VT86A W63
6J5GTriode1936IOCV1067 CV1932 L63 VR67
6U5Tuning Indicator1937UX663ME 6G5 6H5 6U56G5 6U5G CV504 VT98 Y63 6U5
6F5GTriode1940CV1073 CV1908 H63 VT73
6F6GPentode1936IOARP17 CV1186 CV1911 KT63 NR85
6X5GFW Rectifier1936IOCV572 EZ35 U147 U70 VT126A