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Blohm MT15E Specification spec data sheet

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ManufacturerBlohm, Ing. Heinz; Plauen /Vogtl. (Ostd.), sp├Ąter VEB Elgawa; VEB Elektronik Plauen/V.
Alternative Name Elektronik Plauen/Vogtland, VEB
ModelModel Sinfonie MT15E - Blohm, Ing. Heinz; Plauen /
Year: 1949-1950Category: Broadcast Receiver
Valves9: EF13 ECH11 EBF11 EF11 EM11 EF12 EL11 EL11 EZ12
TechnologySuperhet with RF-stage; IF 468 kHz
Tuned Circuits7 AM circuit(s)
Wave BandsBroadcast, Long Wave and Short Wave.
DetailsRecord Player
Power typeAC / 110/220 Volt
Net weight60 kg / 132 lb 2.5 oz (132.159 lb)
Initial Price2'900.00 DM
SourceBook: file Vol: blohm-musiktruhe_mt15e Page: gif

ECH11Triode Hexode1939Footless
EBF11Double Diode VM Pentode1940Y
EM11Tuning Indicator1939Footless
EZ12FW Rectifier1938Footless