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Armstrong FM56 Specification spec data sheet

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CountryGreat Britain (UK)
ManufacturerArmstrong Wireless and Television Ltd.; London
ModelTuner FM56 - Armstrong Wireless and
Year: 1956Pre-stage (adaptor for SW/FM/VHF/UHF incl. built-in), Frequency converter
Valves5: ECC85 EF85 6BF7 EABC80 EM34
TechnologySuperheterodyne (common)
Wave BandsFM Broadcast Band Only
Power TypePowered by external power supply or a main unit.
SourceBook: RTV Vol: 1956 Page: 37
SourceMyFile: Armstrong-FM56.pdf

ECC85Double Triode1954B9A6AQ8 6L12 B719
EF85Pentode1951B9A6BY7 6F19 6F26 CV1375 W719
6BF7FW RectifierCV3894
EABC80Triple Diode Triode1952B9A6AK8 6LD12 6T8 DH719
EM34Tuning Indicator1946IO64ME 6CD7 6M2 CV394