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CountryUnited States of America (USA)
ManufacturerAmrad Corporation; Medford Hillside (MA)
Alternative Name American Radio & Research
ModelModel Berwick AC6C - Amrad Corporation; Medford
Year: 1927Category: Broadcast Receiver
Valves7: 226 226 226 227 226 171A unknown_Tube
TechnologyTRF without regeneration; Neutrodyne
Tuned Circuits4 AM circuit(s)
Wave BandsBroadcast only (MW).
Power typeAC
Initial Price295.00 $
SourceBook: rider Vol: 1 Page: 6

226Triode1927UX426 CX326 UX226
226Triode1927UX426 CX326 UX226
226Triode1927UX426 CX326 UX226
227Triode192727 DE1 ER227 G27 MY227 NY227 SY227 UY227
226Triode1927UX426 CX326 UX226