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2/6/2020 16:34:33
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ManufacturerAllocchio Bacchini (Radialba); Milano
ModelRadialba 549 - Allocchio Bacchini Radialba;
Year: 1948-1949Category: Broadcast Receiver
Valves5: ECH4 6K7 6Q7 6V6 6X5
TechnologySuperhet IF 465 kHz; 2 AF stage(s)
Wave BandsBroadcast plus more than 2 Short Wave bands.
Power typeAC / 110; 125; 140; 160; 220 Volt
SourceBook: file Vol: allocchio Page: gif

6K7Pentode1936IOCV1942 VT86
6Q7Double Diode Triode1936IOCV588 DH147
6V6Beam Tetrode1937IOCV510 VT107
6X5FW Rectifier1936IOCV573