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"pye" "vt17" Specification spec data sheet

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CountryGreat Britain (UK)
ManufacturerPye Ltd., Radio Works; Cambridge
ModelLuxury 17 VT17 - Pye Ltd., Radio Works;
Year: 1955Television Receiver (TV) or Monitor
Valves20: PCC84 PCF80 EF80 EF80 EF80 EF80 ECC82 PCF80 PL81 EY86 PY81 ECC82 EB91 EF80 EF80 EF80 PCL83 ECC82 PL83 MW43-64
TechnologyIF 34650/38150 kHz; 2 AF stage(s)
Wave BandsVHF incl. FM and/or UHF (see notes for details)
Power TypeAC/DC-set / 200-250 Volt
Dimensions18.75 x 21 x 22 inch / 476 x 533 x 559 mm
SourceMyFile: Pye-VT17_VT17CD_VT17CDL-1955.RTV.TV.pdf
SourceBook: RTV Vol: 1955 Page: 525&566&574(1956)
SourceMyFile: Pye-VT17_VT17CD_VT17CDL_VT21C_VT21CD_CTM21_CW17_CS17_CW17C_CS17C_CTM17T_17TCDL-1956.RTV.TV Alignment Only.pdf