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15/1/2021 23:47
I am away from home for a few weeks
I cannot send any schematics marked TO SCAN,
others will be sent, but possibly not very quickly.
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"philips" "bx290u" Specification spec data sheet

The following notes are automatically scraped from Google,DuckDuckGo,
Yahoo and Yandex by an Artificial (not so) Intelligent algorithm
ManufacturerPhilips; Eindhoven (tubes international!); Miniwatt
Model BX290U - Philips; Eindhoven tubes
Year: 1950Broadcast Receiver
Valves5: UCH42 UAF42 UBC41 UL41 UY41
TechnologySuperhet IF 452 kHz; 2 AF stage(s)
Tuned Circuits6 AM circuit(s)
Wave BandsBroadcast, Long Wave and Short Wave.
Power TypeAC/DC-set / 117; 220 Volt
Dimensions265 x 210 x 160 mm / 10.4 x 8.3 x 6.3 inch
Net Weight3 kg / 6 lb 9.7 oz (6.608 lb)
Initial Price275.00 SFr
SourceBook: Trader Vol: 967 Page: pdf
SourceMyFile: Philips-290U.pdf
SourceBook: RTV5 Vol: V2 Page: 192

UCH42Triode Heptode1948B8A141TH 14K7 X142
UAF42Diode Pentode1948B8A12S7 WD142
UBC41Double Diode Triode1949B8A10LD3 141DDT 14L7 DH118 DH142
UL41Pentode1947B8AUF41 451PT 45A5 CV1977 MUL41 N142
UY41HW Rectifier1948B8A311SUA 311SU 31A3 U142