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"philips" "b5ca86a" Specification spec data sheet

The following notes are automatically scraped from Google,DuckDuckGo,
Yahoo and Yandex by an Artificial (not so) Intelligent algorithm
ManufacturerPhilips; Calcutta
ModelModel B5CA86A - Philips; Calcutta
Year: 1960Category: Broadcast Receiver
Valves7: ECH81 EF89 EBC81 EL86 EM84 EL84 EZ80
TechnologySuperhet IF 452 kHz
Tuned Circuits6 AM circuit(s)
Wave BandsBroadcast plus more than 2 Short Wave bands.
Power typeAC / 110; 180; 205; 230 Volt
SourceBook: file Vol: Page: gif

ECH81Triode Heptode1953B9A6AJ8 6C12 CV2128 X719
EF89Pentode1954B9A6DA6 CV5156
EBC81Double Diode Triode1954B9A6BD7 6BD7A 6LD13 EBC80
EL86Pentode1956B9A6CW5 CV5094
EM84Tuning Indicator1959B9A6E3P 6FG6 CV5434
EL84Pentode1953B9A6BQ5 6P15 CV2975 N709
EZ80FW Rectifier1954B9A6V4 CV1535