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29/9/2020 20:38
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CountryUnited States of America (USA)
ManufacturerAdmiral (brand) Continental Radio & Television Co.; Chicago, IL
Alternative Name Continental Radio & TV
ModelModel 6J22 Chassis 6J2 - Admiral brand Continental
Year: 1951Category: Broadcast Receiver
Valves6: 12BA6 12J5GT 12SK7 12SQ7 35L6GT 35Z5GT
TechnologySuperhet IF 455 kHz; 2 AF stage(s)
Tuned Circuits6 AM circuit(s)
Wave BandsBroadcast only (MW).
DetailsRecord Player
Power typeAC / 110 Volt
SourceBook: beitman Vol: 1951 Page: 9
SourceBook: rider Vol: 22 Page: 19
SourceBook: file Vol: Page: gif

12BA6Pentode1946B7GCV1928 HF93
12J5GTTriodeIOCV535 VT135
12SK7Pentode1939IOCV543 VT131
12SQ7Double Diode Triode1939IOCV546 VT104
35Z5GTHW Rectifier1939IOCV568