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The following notes are automatically scraped from Google,DuckDuckGo,
Yahoo and Yandex by an Artificial (not so) Intelligent algorithm
CountryUnited States of America (USA)
ManufacturerAdmiral (brand) Continental Radio & Television Co.; Chicago, IL
Alternative Name Continental Radio & TV
ModelModel Chassis 18Z4PSA - Admiral brand Continental
Year: 1956Category: TV
Valves17: 6BZ7 6J6 6AU6 6AL5 6DG6GT 6BZ6 6BZ6 6AM8 6AW8 12AU7 12AU7 6S4A 6CU6 or 6DQ6 6AU4GTA 1B3GT 5U4GA or 5U4GB 21ATP4 or 21ATP4A
TechnologySuperhet with RF-stage
Wave BandsWave Bands given in the notes.
Power typeAC / 60 Hz, 117V = 110 -120 Volt

6BZ7Double Triode1956B9A6BQ7A 6BS8 6T27
6J6Double Triode1956B7GCV858 ECC91
6AU6Pentode1946B7G6AU6A 6AU6WA 6AU6WB 6AU6WC 6J4P 6P2 CV2524 EF94
6AL5Double Diode1945B7G6058 6D2 CV140 CV283 D152 D77 DD6 EAA91 EB91
12AU7Double Triode1951B9A6067 B329 CV491 E2163 ECC82
12AU7Double Triode1951B9A6067 B329 CV491 E2163 ECC82
6AU4GTAHW Rectifier1955IO6Z17S
1B3GTEHT Rectifier1946IO1G3GTA 1Z7S CV1830
5U4GBFW Rectifier1956IO