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acratone 30c Specification spec data sheet

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ManufacturerFederated Purchaser, Inc. (Acratone, Acratest); New York City (NY)
ModelAcratone 30-CFederated Purchaser, Inc.
Year: 1936Broadcast Receiver
Valves8:6L7 6C5 6K7 6Q7 6Q7 6F6 6F6 5Z4
TechnologySuperhet IF 456 kHz
Wave BandsBroadcast plus 2 Short Wave bands.
Power TypeAC / 105-120 Volt
Dimensions39.5 x 22 x 11 inch / 1003 x 559 x 279 mm
Net Weight25.878 lb (25 lb 14 oz) / 11.749 kg
Initial Price88.90 $
Notes3 Wave Bands The first band covers from 18,5 to 52 meters;
the second band covers from 52 to 175 meters; the third band covers from 175 to 550 meters.
A special transformer to operate from 220 volts/60 Hz was available at 2,05 USD.
The given weight is the shipping weight, and the given price is the retail value.
In 1936 this model was offered for 44,45 USD.
The same chassis in a table model with 8 inch speaker was available as model no. 29-C.
The chassis only, with tubes and 12 inch speaker was available as model no.31-C.
SourceBook: Rider Vol: 7 Page: 3