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£1.80 (~ $2.50 or €2.10)

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"acec" "201" Specification spec data sheet

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ManufacturerACEC, Ateliers de Constructions Électriques de Charleroi; Charleroi
ModelRadiofil 201 - ACEC, Ateliers de
Year: 1948Broadcast Receiver
Valves13: 6K7 6K8 6B8 6V6 6V6 6V6 6V6 5Z3 6SJ7 6Г7 6H6 6E5 6AK5
Wave BandsBroadcast, Long Wave and Short Wave.
DetailsOther Combination - see Notes
Power TypeAC
Dimensions680 x 39 x 460 mm / 26.8 x 1.5 x 18.1 inch
Net Weight36 kg / 79 lb 4.7 oz (79.295 lb)
NotesRadio mit eingebaute Plattenspieler/Tondraht-Gerät
SourceMyFile: ACEC-Radiofil 201_201-1948.RadioGram.pdf