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"abc" "100" Specification spec data sheet

The following notes are automatically scraped from Google,DuckDuckGo,
Yahoo and Yandex by an Artificial (not so) Intelligent algorithm
ManufacturerABC Laboratories, (where?)
Model100 Police Converter ABC Laboratories
Year: 1936Category: Pre-stage (adaptor for SW/FM/VHF/UHF incl. built-in), Frequency converter
Valves1: 6A7
TechnologyRF Converter/Adapter
Tuned Circuits2 AM circuit(s)
Wave BandsWave Bands given in the notes.
Power typePowered by external power supply or a main unit.
NotesFrequency 1500 - 2600 kHz
SourceBook: rider Vol: 7 Page: 1
SourceBook: rider Vol: 7 Page: 1